Finance for Retirement Age

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Retirement is a significant life transition, and managing your finances becomes even more crucial during this phase of life. For retirees in Hong Kong, understanding personal finance principles and strategies is essential to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement. With rising costs of living, fluctuating investment markets, and evolving government policies, retired individuals must develop a comprehensive financial plan to optimize their resources and minimize risks.


What You’ll Learn

  • Identify the needs and wants during retirement
  • Ways to increase income sources, investment portfolios, tax planning, and healthcare coverage
  • Build a second identity and blueprint


Suitable for

  • You’re 50 and above based in Hong Kong
  • You have recently retired
  • You are wondering about what you can do in retirement
  • You are concerned about future income and networks in retirement age
Seminar Details

Beginner to Intermediate

20 hours

Start date: 12 June 2024

Info Session

A new chapter

go for rewirement

In the age of 100 years of life

  • Most of us will have 80 years to live
  • It’s advantageous to plan and save early
  • Explore a new identity beyond work

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