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We believe that learning English is not just about acquiring a language; it’s about gaining the essential skills needed to thrive in the real world, and building an identity that will serve us as a global learner and citizen. English proficiency enables you the opportunities to rise through the ranks in your company, manage multinational projects, and study abroad and travel freely. 


English Foundation
  • Class will encompass various subjects such as reading, writing, grammar, discussion, and vocabulary enhancement. Students will engage in a variety of activities, ranging from lessons to group work, pair work, games, and independent study.
Listening and Discussion
  • Students will concentrate on honing their listening skills, taking effective notes, participating in discussions, and expanding their vocabulary.
  • There is a strong emphasis in dialogue and opinions, engaging in in-person voice communication, and fostering critical thinking abilities.
Writing and Discussion
  • Class entails the skillful use of language to convey information, ideas, and messages effectively within the business domain.
  • This form of writing encompasses various types of business documents, including emails, memos, reports, proposals, business letters, and marketing materials.
Speaking and Presentation
  • We aim to equip students with the presentation techniques to confidently express their ideas, engage with others, and effectively convey information in a business context.
  • Students will practice various forms of oral communication, such as participating in discussions, conducting meetings, negotiating, and delivering presentations. 
Program Details

When: Every Monday and Wednesday

Duration: 4 weeks, 8 classes

Hours: 16

Quota: 20 people (Min. 10 to start class)

Suited for: Upgrading English and business skillsets

Price: HK$5800 (HK$3200 for past students)

Certification: Awarded upon completion

Where:  Unit C, 4/F, 760 Cheung Sha Wan Rd, Lai Chi Kok (Dream Impact)

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Beginner to Intermediate

20 hours

Start date: 17 June 2024

Secondary School Level English/Have a basic command of English

Topics Covered

Module 1
Building a Strong Foundation
  • Business vocabulary and terminology
  • Basic grammar for business communication
  • Effective email writing and formatting
  • Telephone etiquette and conversation skills
  • Introduction to business culture and etiquette
Module 2
Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Developing effective business writing skills (reports, agenda, proposals)
  • Presentation skills and techniques
  • Business meeting etiquette and participation
  • Negotiation and persuasion strategies
  • Financial planning and basics of money
Module 3
Empathy and Communication
  • Effective customer service and client communication
  • Handling complaints and resolving conflicts with clients
  • Team collaboration and communication in a business setting
  • Networking strategies and building professional connections
  • Giving and receiving feedback in a professional manner
Module 4
Data and Statistics
  • Effectively present data and statistics in a clear and concise manner
  • Describe trends using various formats such as charts, graphs, and tables
  • Identify trends, patterns, and correlations to support strategic decision-making
  • Practical exercises and case studies are incorporated into the module

Our Approach


Inquiry-based learning encourages adults to actively explore and discover the English language through asking questions, conducting investigations, and engaging in critical thinking. 

Real World Scenarios

By immersing adult learners in real-world scenarios, this approach to teaching English ensures that language instruction is meaningful, purposeful, and aligned with learners’ needs and goals. 

Identity Building

Learners are encouraged to connect their own experiences, values, and identities to the English language, creating a sense of relevance and personal investment in the learning process. 

Your Instructors

Ryan Mow

Ryan Mow


Ryan has been living in Australia since 2012 and came back to Hong Kong during the covid pandemic in 2020. He is currently the Senior Consultant of Jadeite Family Office with over 10 years’ experience in the Wealth Management industry.

His passion for teaching started back in high school where he had volunteer as an English teacher to primary schools in Kowloon City area such as La Salle Primary school. He loves getting to know his students and enjoys making learning fun for them.

He studied the first University degree in Finance and went on to do the Masters in Financial Planning at University of New South Wales. He also obtained the Graduate Diploma of Migration Law (Australia) at University of Technology Sydney.

He loves reading non-fictional books, and playing outdoor sports such as tennis and basketball.

Jess Ng

Jess Ng


Jess has over nine years of experience in digital marketing, focusing on education innovation, personal and community development. She believes that successful marketing lies in creating authentic, relatable communications and having a deep understanding of various digital tools.

She specializes in training and coaching using improvisational comedy and design thinking frameworks. She has extensive performance and programming experience in stand-up and improvisational comedy, and a strong believer in the power of humor to help develop one’s point of view and uniqueness.

She has worked with B Corporations, social enterprises, university students and government departments in Hong Kong to achieve the best results in their marketing and communications while fostering empathy and entrepreneurship.

upgrade your skillsets

Hi, future.

  • Speak confidently
  • Form your opinion
  • Make a powerful presentation


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