About Us

Our Promise is to nurture the Comedian in everyone.

Do you think you are funny? Do you think you are not funny? Well, at Impact Comedy Club, we believe inside everyone there’s a little comedian waiting to be nourished. Humor is integral to the human experience, and can be integrated in multiple aspects of life, and work is no exception.

Communicate with your team and clients with confidence and humor. Everyone is capable of making a joke, turning their sales pitch into a funny metaphor, and express in a creative, unique manner.

humor is simple

Joy in the wind, Share together

We want you! In a playful, meaningful way.

Passionate about public speaking

Individuals who regularly speak in front of audiences, such as motivational speakers, salespeople, teachers, or business professionals, may find value in learning how to incorporate humor effectively into their presentations, engage their audience, and make their messages more memorable.

Enjoy a good, fun time

People who want to enhance their social skills, boost their confidence, and develop a more positive and humorous outlook on life. Humor workshops can provide techniques for finding humor in everyday situations and dealing with stress through laughter.

Interested in effective communication

Individuals who simply enjoy humor, want to learn more about the psychology of comedy, or are looking for a fun and entertaining experience can also benefit from attending a humor workshop.

Impact Comedy Club

Our vision is to nurture the comedian in everyone. We host regular workshops on improvisation and stand-up comedy with various partners. Get in touch!


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