A perfect hidden working spot for freelancers and digital nomads in Hong Kong

An upstairs study space located in the heart of Mong Kok 

In today’s Hong Kong, problems in healthcare, education and housing system are known to be three greatest challenges and predicaments facing society. No matter who you are, the majority of Hong Kong people cannot escape the stress and adversity, especially for the students. Imagine the threefold pressure they face: the lack of privacy in a small living space; the suffocating school schedules filled with tests and tutorial classes; and of course the approaching “final big boss” that perhaps determines the fate of a coming-of-age teenager. Being a student in Hong Kong can make you feel like you’re having heart attacks!

Founders of Co-Read understand the challenges you are facing. Established in Mong Kok, Co-Read is committed to providing a cozy, well-equipped upstairs study place for the millennial students who are preparing for the examination with better confidence. 

A spacious learning area free from overcrowdedness

Lightings at Co-Read have been thoughtfully designed to provide a luminous yet cozy environment, with minimalist furniture to provide a homey feeling. It’s time to relieve yourself from unnecessary tension in an uncomfortable and crowded study room with full concentration so you could increase your revision efficiency in a quality environment. 

A flexible on-demand service to fit your busy school schedule

A rigid education system, tight schedule, tutorial arrangement, and supplementary classes could make you feel like rest is luxury. That’s why Co-Read is open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm, so students can easily arrange studying hours with ease after school or on a weekend before exams.

Free snacks and house-made coffee to recharge your energy

It’s not good to dig your head into the textbooks and past papers straight for 10 hours without a break as your efficiency fades slowly. At Co-Read, you can always rest your eyes on the blue sky outside the window and get some delicious treats from the snack corner for free. What’s even better? A sip of their house-made coffee which you can order anytime from the reception!



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